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Tea Rose Affiliate program


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Tea Rose campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

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About Tea Rose Affiliate Campaign

Celebrating 18 years in the national market, Rosa Chá expands its horizons, bringing a more mature, well elaborated and premium fashion to contemporary women. Designed to reach women who work, circulate and still amend night activities in their daily lives, the next collection brings elegant and light pieces that move from casual to sophisticated. Despite having a more daytime focus, the pieces easily walk through the night with ease. The collection receives clothes with noble materials such as silk, worked embroidery, leather pieces and perfecto jackets. Leaving the western and young mood, the stores gain a cleaner and lighter air with burnt cement floors, details of acrylic, marble and brushed metal. To celebrate the new phase of the brand, Rosa Chá chose Gisele Bündchen to star in her campaign.