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Important Information for Paytm Recharge & Shop Program
Tracking Details:
- Please note for all transactions commission will be tracked at the lower amount, the correct commission will be updated at the time of validation.

Special Instructions :

  • Please note, PayTM does not pay any commission on anything not mentioned in the payout section, please refer to the same before making any transactions to avoid loss of commission
  • PayTM does not allow bidding on any brand keywords like Paytm,, paytm offers etc and also Brand + Generic keywords like paytm discount coupons, paytm coupons, etc
  • Promotion on Torrent sites, Adult Content websites, Gambling websites - Forbidden
  • SEM is - Forbidden
  • Brand_Bidding - Forbidden
  • Adware and Cookie Stuffing is always under surveillance and can cause deduction of money

Conversion Flow :

1. User makes any transaction
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Missing Transactions:

  • Please report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of transaction. Know More
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About Paytm Recharge & Shop Campaign
From being a mobile recharge solution to a full-fledged e-commerce store and now the frontrunner of Cashless India mission, Paytm has come a long way in a very short time. With Paytm, you can recharge phones, DTH cards; pay bills: landline, mobile, gas, water et al, book flights, trains, cabs, hotels; pay insurance premiums, school fees and more. Apart from that, Paytm also offers its customers a wide range of products across categories like fashion, electronics, home décor, automobile accessories, musical instruments etc. This makes the Paytm affiliate program, one of the most diverse and easiest to promote through your content. It offers different commissions on different categories. You will find the entire Paytm commission structure on this page. You may directly promote Paytm on your blog or discreetly use Paytm affiliate links in your content, either ways, Cuelinks makes it super easy for you to make money with this merchant. So, join the Paytm affiliate program now and start earning big!<br><br><br><br>
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