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Important Information for Onnit Program
Tracking Details:
Onnit campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any transaction.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Platform: Disclosure is required even for audio/video claims and endorsements in the same clear and conspicuous way as expected for written media. Written disclosures should be in a font that stands out from the background and is easy to read. Video disclosures should be on the screen long enough so that is easily read noticed and understood. Audio disclosures should be read in a way that is easy to follow so that listeners can understand, including at a volume and cadence sufficient for a reasonable consumer to hear and understand it.

1. An endorsement in one post followed by disclosure in the second post is NOT enough.
Each disclosure must be made in the SAME post as the endorsement—A general disclosure located on the sidebar or elsewhere on the site is inadequate.
When in doubt: always disclose

Promoting Your Post - On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc., the same disclosure requirements still apply

When in doubt, include “#promo” or “#sponsored” in your promotion post and if your space is limited, “#ad” is also acceptable

Discussing a Product

Do not make claims about a product that cannot be substantiated. Only make statements about your use and experience with the product.

Though you may experience multiple benefits to a given product, it is very important that you only speak to your experiences that are similar to claims that are made on either the side of the bottle or the product’s landing page on Onnit.com. Do not mention sexual performance or weight loss.

There should be no mention of curing, preventing, mitigating, or treating any diseases or ailments (i.e. cancer, diabetes, or chronic pain).
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About Onnit Campaign
Our supplements are sourced from the best ingredients from all over the world, with the intent to create something that supports the body in all of its efforts.
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