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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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POP Traffic
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Facebook Ads
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Important Information for MoneyHero Affiliate Program

Tracking - Online

MoneyHero campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

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About MoneyHero Affiliate Campaign

Featured Products

Definition: MoneyHero will feature products at the top of the comparison page and mark them with the following tags.

MoneyHero will consider different factors when deciding which products to select. We hope that users can learn about various products and finally apply for products that meet their needs. MoneyHero's comparison page lists different products and categorizes them by product features to help users compare and find the right product.Users can filter products based on product features, MoneyHero exclusive offers, welcome offers, etc. They can also refer to category pages, such as airline mileage credit cards , cash rebate credit cards , etc., to compare similar products.We choose the selected products based on the principle of equal weighting, details are as follows:

in principle

  • feature of product
  • Product popularity
  • The complexity of the application process

feature of product

According to our research, product features that users will care about include (but are not limited to) low fees, generous spending rewards and attractive welcome offers.

Product popularity

If the product has a high number of views and applications, it has a high chance of becoming a featured product. Users can use this to know which products are popular at that time.

application process

If users can directly apply for this product online, the application process is simple and easy to use, and the approval rate is high, there will be a greater chance of becoming a selected product.