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Important Information for CPL Affiliate Program

Detailed KPI:
1. User Authenticity: The Client agrees to ensure that only genuine and unique users are directed to check their Credit Score on the Moneycontrol website.The number of acquired users tracked at Moneycontrol's end will be considered for billing purposes.
2. Quality of Acquired Users: At least 50% of the users acquired through the Client efforts must have a credit score above 650. The specific credit scores of individual users will not be shared with the Client, and as such, Moneycontrol will provide quality feedback based on internal assessments. In the event this criterion is not met, payments will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis based on actual performance.
3. Pro-Rata Payment Example: For illustration, if the Client is contracted to deliver 10,000 Credit Score conversions meeting the above criteria and delivers 10,000 conversions, but only 40% of those users have a credit score exceeding the 650 thresholds (indicating only 80% compliance with the quality KPI), payment will be made for 8,000 conversions, reflecting 80% compliance.
4. Geo Targeting: Pan India