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Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
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Custom Email (Text)
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POP Traffic
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Important Information for Miraggio Program
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Missing Transactions:

Note:- Do not promote any other coupons which are not provided by Cuelinks. The sales coming via such coupons will not be allocated.

Allowed/Disallowed Media:

Targeted ads - Forbidden
Content site - Allowed
Telegram - Allowed
Loyalty programs - Allowed
Lead call - Forbidden
API traffic - Forbidden
Adult - Forbidden
Toolbar - Forbidden
Brand bidding - Forbidden
SEM - Forbidden
Google Ads - Forbidden
How many times orders are allowed - Upto 5 orders per user in one month.
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About Miraggio Campaign
Inspired by and made for the quintessential Modern Woman!<br><span>Being dedicated supporters of the headstrong women of today, we create pieces that personify the qualities of such women and let’s them add a bit of their personality to their wardrobes.<br><br></span><span>Miraggio pushes the boundaries of modern accessories by constantly reinventing fashion with its curated collections. Our accessories are designed to empower women. From minimalistic to glam chic, we metamorphose a range of styles into invogue bags that can spruce up your look for any occasion.<br></span><br>Our mission and vision is to create refined and unique statement bags and accessories that bring the spotlight on our muses wherever she goes!<br>
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