Mellow affiliate marketing program

Mellow Affiliate program

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Text Link

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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
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POP Traffic
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India Flag India

Important Information for Mellow Affiliate Program

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any purchase.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

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Note :

Minimum AOV - No
Orders are allowed- MAX 3 IN A MONTH
Payout Applicable for all users
Payout applicable on all products
Cashback applicable on payment with store credit/gift cards - No
Target GEO - PAN India
Cookie time: 30 Days

About Mellow Affiliate Campaign

A journey that embarked on a mother’s humble endeavor to find a remedy for her daughter’s hair fall finally led to the establishment of Mellow – Closer to nature (Marudhar Herbals) in 2008. Being a medicated and environment-conscious brand, they are passionate about bringing the purest natural products, thus ensuring customer and environmental safety. Mellow has been actively working to bring together the 5000-year-old concept of Ayurveda and modern science. Keeping in view the changing trends, they bridge the gap between you and nature through our haircare, skincare, and body care products prepared from naturally derived ingredients. Mellow carries a wide range of products using Ayurvedic ingredients in the right proportion, thereby ensuring maximum benefits to the users.