Luxury Escapes SEA (CLOSING) affiliate marketing program

Luxury Escapes SEA (CLOSING) Affiliate program

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Luxury Escapes SEA (CLOSING) Affiliate Payout Categories

1% EC Default
5% NC Default

Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link

Disallowed Media

Countries Allowed

Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
Brunei Flag Brunei
Indonesia Flag Indonesia
Laos Flag Laos
Myanmar Flag Myanmar
Cambodia Flag Cambodia
East Timor Flag East Timor
Thailand Flag Thailand
Singapore Flag Singapore
Vietnam Flag Vietnam
South Korea Flag South Korea
Taiwan Flag Taiwan
Philippines Flag Philippines
Malaysia Flag Malaysia

Important Information for Luxury Escapes SEA (CLOSING) Affiliate Program

This partner Agreement ("Agreement") is made between You, the partner ("You") and Luxury Escapes ("We", “Our” or "Us"). Your agreement with Cuelinks, as the technology provider is available here:

This is the agreement that will govern Your participation in an affiliate program (“Campaign”) through Cuelinks with Luxury Escapes. Any partner that breaches any of the terms of This agreement will face the following penalties imposed by Luxury Escapes in its sole discretion and depending on the severity and damage caused to the Luxury Escapes brand:

  • Immediate removal from the campaign, and potentially other campaigns within our Cuelinks network
  • Rejection of commissions generated within Cuelinks
  • Freezing of all outstanding commission payments within Cuelinks

By accepting the terms and conditions of this Campaign in Cuelinks, You agree that You have read and understood the Agreement, and therefore will be liable in the event of a breach of any of the Agreement.

In consideration of the promises set forth below, each party agrees as follows:

1. Partner Participation and Promotional Methods

1.1 Even if You are accepted to the campaign, We reserve the right to re-evaluate Your participation at any time. We may reject Your request or remove Your participation at anytime without notification if We determine that Your site is not suitable for our campaign and brand, including if:

  • Your website contains content which is unlawful or promotes illegal activities,including infringes of copyright or attempts to help others infringe copyright/intellectual property
  • Your website contains content which promotes discrimination, harassment, violence or any other behaviours which are unacceptable to Us in our sole discretion
  • Your website content includes misleading or false information regarding our brand and products/services offered
  • This includes promoting false or invalid voucher/coupon codes on Your site. Only voucher codes found in the Cuelinks platform or provided directly to You by Us are applicable to listed on your site and to be awarded commission
  • Your website impersonates our brand, either directly or via misspellings or variations of our brand name
  • You are found to be generating Cuelinks tracked events (“Conversions”) with false information or sales. This may also include incentivising Your audience to complete actions on our website in a way that has not been approved before by Us
  • You are found to be actioning paid search, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), ™+, media buying or email marketing activity related to Our brand, without prior written consent.

1.2 Paid Search Terms

If you are running any PPC campaigns, the following conditions apply to all activity:

  • All ‘Luxury Escapes’ brand specific terms must be added as negative keywords in all PPC campaigns
  • It is a condition of joining this campaign that you agree not to;

Bid on the brand names, trademarks, or misspellings of Luxury Escapes in SEM campaigns

Use the brand name, trademarks, or misspellings of Luxury Escapes in SEM advertising copy

Use the brand name, trademarks, or misspellings of Luxury Escapes in any display URL, domain names, subdomains or usernames

Hijack Luxury Escapes URL or any URL owned by Luxury Escapes in any SEM campaigns. Meaning you cannot link directly to the advertiser’s website.

Utilize disposable URLS and “front” websites in any SEM campaigns, or

Squat on any URL owned by Luxury Escapes, trademarks or misspellings thereof.

Cuelinks invest substantial resources in recruiting top quality merchants, unauthorised online activity runs a very serious risk of jeopardising campaigns for every affiliate.

If you are found to be engaging in any of the above prohibited activities (without specific written permission) subsequent sales will not be commissionable and you will be suspended from the campaign.

1.3 Search Engine Optimization Terms

  • You may not include the advertiser’s name or any trademark of the advertiser in your domain: e.g. www.example/
  • You may not include the advertiser’s name or any trademark of the advertiser in a subdomain of your domain: e.g.
  • You may not include misspellings of the advertiser's name or any trademark of the advertiser in a subdomain of your domain: e.g.
  • You may not include the advertiser’s name or trademarks in the URL after the domain e.g.

(NB all the above apply with or without www. In the domain)

If permission is required, a proposal should be sent by You directly to the Brand Contact Email listed in Cuelinks to request written approval from Us.

2. Commission, Linking and Creative Content

2.1. There will be set commission rules set by Luxury Escapes contained within the Cuelinks platform. These are subject to change. Luxury Escapes will notify affiliates of any changes through the communication tool within the Cuelinks platform.

2.2. Luxury Escapes will arrange on the Cuelinks platform creative materials to promote Our brand (“Content”) to display on Your website. These are provided in the form of image, HTML, text and/or product feeds, which will include a Tracking Link. You should not use any Content on Your site which is not available within Cuelinks or provided by Us directly.

2.3. At any time We may, with or without notice (a) change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of a Tracking Link or a Commission or (b) remove, alter, or modify any Content. You agree to promptly implement any request from Us to remove, alter or modify any such Content.

2.4. Subnetwork partners or partners referring traffic agree to share details of who is promoting Our brand and campaign via Your platform. Partners who do not agree may be removed from the campaign and have any earned Commissions cancelled.

2.5. The final determination of whether a commission is payable will be made by Us. If the product or service is returned in part or in full, the Commission shall be amended or cancelled by Us to reflect this full or part return.

2.6. We reserve the right to change or reject any aspect of a conversion or commission.

2.7. We agree to review disputed sales (“Transaction Queries”), submitted through the Cuelinks platform. If there is not enough supporting information provided by the partner, We reserve the right to change or reject these queries. By accepting this agreement, You hereby agree to submit any Transaction Queries in a timely manner, and no later than 30 days from the transaction date. Any transactions submitted after this 30 day period are at Our discretion to review.

3 Program Settings & Validations

3.1 Click Referral Period

Commissions are payable for conversions within the established cookie window of 7 days.

3.2 Approval Process

Referred orders & actions Actions are approved / declined on a 90-day look back window.

3.3 Credits & Refunds

Purchases made using credit will not be commissionable. Purchases that are refunded within our 14-day booking guarantee window will not be commissionable.

3.4 View-through Tracking

There will be no view through tracking or payable commission for Luxury Escapes affiliate campaigns.

4 Your Additional Responsibilities

4.1 You hereby agree to comply with all applicable laws.

4.2 You hereby agree that the links on your site comply with the requirements specified in this Agreement.

4.3. You agree not to make any representations, warranties or other statements concerning Us, Our site, any of Our products or services, or Our site policies, except as expressly authorized by Us.

4.4. You are responsible for notifying Us and Cuelinks of any malfunctioning of the Tracking Links or Content, or other problems with Your participation in the Campaign. We will respond promptly to all concerns upon receipt of Your notification.

If there are changes to the Agreement, We will contact approved partners on the campaign via the partner contact email address listed in Cuelinks. It is Your responsibility to keep your partner/company email address updated in Cuelinks