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clearance SKUs) excluding the following SKUs: gift cards, jewelry $2k, gaming

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Item catalog manufacturers: crocs, nintendo, beats, jlab, amazon, apple, google, and bissell.

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Important Information for Kohls Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Offline

Kohls campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Note :

1. 7 day cookie duration
2. PPC, brand bidding, bidding on misspellings, trademarks or is restricted
3. Any coupons not shared or that exceed 20% discount may not result in a Payout
4. Advertiser reserves the right to reject transactions in case of any publisher not complying to their terms.

Geo: US
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About Kohls Campaign
Kohl’s is one of America’s leading retail chains stocked with apparels, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids; small electric appliances, bed and bath products, beauty and personal care products, sports and fitness products and even furniture. With such a large selection of products, the Kohl’s affiliate program becomes an easy choice as it fits in with various kind of content for wide audiences. Also with so many categories on offer, the Kohl’s affiliate commission you get is different for different categories. So depending on your content strategy and you monthly revenue target, you can decide to product categories with high Kohl’s affiliate commission. Looking forward to joining the Kohl’s affiliate marketing program? All you have to do is sign up with Cuelinks and you will be a part of hundreds of affiliate programs along with that of Kohl’s. Then you can use the various Cuelinks tools available to start creating and promoting Kohl’s affiliate marketing links on your site.
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