JaqulineUSA Affiliate Program

JaqulineUSA Payout Categories
Category Payout

On order of Rs.1400 and above

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On order of Rs.1399 and below

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Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media
Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Disallowed Media
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
POP Traffic
Native Ads
Social Media
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)
Countries Allowed

Important Information for JaqulineUSA Program
Tracking Details:
Conversion Flow:

1. User makes transaction.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Missing Transactions:

Coupons Policy - Coupons shared by the Cuelinks team and coupons mentioned on the website (generic) are only payable. Please note, Coupon code not provided by Cuelinks and are not available on advertiser website will not be paid.

Any kind of gibberish data in terms of names, contact numbers, addresses, and email IDs will be considered fraud. Users should use real names, contact numbers, and addresses to place the orders. Email ID and contact number should be reachable. No fake contacts or dummy email IDs to be used. Email ID sequence should not be the same in terms of odd domain and names The address should be real and not in a sequence.

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About JaqulineUSA Campaign
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