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ICICI Bank Credit Card CPL Affiliate Payout Categories

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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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India Flag India

Important Information for ICICI Bank Credit Card CPL Affiliate Program

ICICI BankCredit Card CPLdoesn't help with missing transactions

Max Transactions Allowed - 1 orders are allowed

Definition of Fraud :
Proxy, Server, VPN & Bot traffic         
Blacklisted IP         
Geo (State & City)         
Duplicate IP or Subnet of IP         
Click Injection Blacklisted IP We         

need to largely target the SEC A audience with multiple interest filters. As follows:- For the Platinum card we are using the normal interest based on Shopping & Dining- For high end cards like Sapphiro we target people affinity towards high end/Premium interest like Golf, Luxury goods

As such, you are hereby guided and informed to follow the below mentioned restrictions before running any bank's offers:

- All the creatives/promotional activities should be pre-approved by us.
- Correct use of Credit Card images with updated features to avoid mis-selling.
- Sub-partners connected with you, should get everything pre-approved before promoting the offers anywhere.
- Any SMS/Email/Bulk communication/Social media communication must be shared with us on a priori basis.
- Cashback related information must be properly communicated to the users without using any confusing words.
- Any changes in the credit card's details: fees, features etc. should be made with immediate effect without any delay from time to time.
- No miscommunication related to cashback, card details should be made just to attract applicants.
- Any penalty imposed on us by the bank due to your miscommunication with the customers has to be taken care by you. We would not be responsible in that case.

ICICI Bank Credit Card creatives -

Allowed - Disallowed Media :

Adult - Forbidden
Incentive - Forbidden

Geo-  India

Validation Criteria-  Approved Application

Target Audience   - Salaried, Income >25k/m, Salary in Account Transfer, 23-54 years- Self Employed, Income +30k/m

Return Criteria:  User responses 'not interested, did not sign up, call hung/disconnected will not be paid.

Brand Stop Words - ICICI BANK, ICICI Credit CArd, ICICI CC

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About ICICI Affiliate Campaign

ICICI Bank was originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI Limited, an Indian financial institution, and was its wholly-owned subsidiary.ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank with total consolidated assets of Rs. 9,860.43 billion (US$ 152.0 billion) at March 31, 2017 and profit after tax of Rs. 98.01 billion (US$ 1.5 billion) for the year ended March 31, 2017. ICICI Bank currently has a network of 4,850 Branches and 13,917 ATM's across India.