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On order of Rs.849 and above

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Coupons Policy - Coupons shared by the Cuelinks team and coupons mentioned on the website (generic) are only payable. Please note, Coupon code not provided by Cuelinks and are not available on advertiser website will not be paid.

Reselling/bulk buying is not allowed
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About Himalayan Campaign
Since the very first day, the core idea of 'Holistic Wellness' has worked wonders for Himalayan Organics. In the year 2018, our pursuit of authenticity & excellence nudged us to delve deeper into the existing health & wellness market. Up in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, we stumbled upon a treasure of nature – plants that have adapted to survive in harsh conditions, in the crisp mountain air. We finally found what we were looking for! We realized that extracts and oils from these plants would be exceptionally potent.
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