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Desktop site and app transactions

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Important Information for Foodpanda Program
Tracking Details:
  1. Foodpanda stopped their desktop ordering.
  2. Foodpanda generate orders through m-site only.
  3. No issue in mobile tracking
  4. FoodPanda will validate coupons and make payment only for those coupons which are shared by Cuelinks with you.
  5. For all other internal coupons no commission will be payable.
  6. All transactions will track at lower amount by default, and will automatically be updated to relevant rate at the time of confirmation.
  7. PPC for Foodpanda Campaign is restricted by merchant. Eg : Foodpanda coupons, Foodpanda Deals, Foodpanda Offers and so on are also restricted -
  8. Disallowed Media: Brand bidding, Google PPC, PPC on Brand Terms. 

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes purchase
2. Sale is counted & added

Missing Transactions:

  • Please report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of transaction. Know More
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About Foodpanda Campaign
Since 2013, millions of users have ordered food online with us, helping us grow and to become better to the point of offering food online from thousands of restaurants across India. We still uphold the same motto “making online food ordering fast and easy”. Our service allows you to find all of the restaurants available nearby, which can deliver to your house.
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