Estrela10 affiliate marketing program

Estrela10 Affiliate program

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Important Information for Estrela10 Affiliate Program

Last Click - Organic - Direct

Estrela10 the campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any purchase.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

About Estrela10 Affiliate Campaign

Estrela10 was created in 2008 and, since then, it has only grown in the concept of suppliers and customers. Reselling products in the most diverse categories, it has become a benchmark for quality, respect and trust. Today it is listed as one of the 150 largest virtual stores in Brazil.
Currently, there are more than 40 thousand products organized in 24 departments. With more than 100 direct employees, Estrela10 has been consolidating itself every day more, to provide you with peace of mind in purchasing and agility in delivery. Come and discover the ease of participating in the Estrela10 family.