Claire - UK affiliate marketing program

Claire - UK Affiliate program

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Social media


Claire - UK Affiliate Payout Categories


Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)

Disallowed Media

Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
POP Traffic
Native Ads
Social Media
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)

Countries Allowed

United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom

Important Information for Claire - UK Affiliate Program

Tracking - Online

Reselling/bulk buying is not allowed

Coupons Policy - Coupons shared by the Cuelinks team and coupons mentioned on the website (generic) are only payable. Please note, Coupon code not provided by Cuelinks and are not available on advertiser website will not be paid.

Not allowed Media : Behavioural Retargeting, Media Brokers

Reasons are commissions declined : Order cancelled, Item was returned, Breach of programme terms and conditions, Duplicate order, Item was out of stock.

Use of trademark - Affiliates must respect the intellectual property rights of Claire’s. These rights include trademarks and service marks, copyright and related rights, trade names and domain names, rights to goodwill or to use in passing off and rights in confidential information.Affiliates must not create another website representing themselves or passing themselves off as being “Claire’s” or taking any action which is likely to confuse or mislead third parties to believe that such partner site is the “client”.

Social media campaigns - Affiliates must not promote themselves on our Claire’s Twitter or Facebook pages, blogs or any other social media pages.

Paid search - These Terms and Conditions are applicable on any ad platform, including, but not limited to, search engines, content networks and social networking ad placements.

Affiliates must not use the “Claire’s” brand name, brand name misspelling or similar variations in any domain names or subdomains

Affiliates are NOT permitted to bid on Claire’s brand and all its variations. Affiliates found not complying with the policy will be removed from the program and their commission will not be paid.Affiliates must include the Claire’s brand name in their negative keyword list (thus preventing affiliates appearing on brand + generic keyword searches).

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About Claire - UK Affiliate Campaign

Claire's offers an eclectic mix of accessories targeted at the Fashionistics of the world. Every girl's favorite place to get the latest trends in fashion accessories... It's at Claire's!