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CitiBank CC CPL Affiliate Payout Categories


Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link

Disallowed Media

Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
POP Traffic
Native Ads
Social Media
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)

Countries Allowed

India Flag India

Important Information for CitiBank CC CPL Affiliate Program

CitiBank CC CPL campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

Conversion Flow:
1. The user fills 7 fields form.
2. User needs to fill Email and Mobile Number.
3. User will then Fill Personal details ( Name, DOB, PAN and Nationality)
4. User will then fill Professional details ( Profession, Company Name and Designation)
5. User will fill details about Address for Communication.
6. User Submits the form and lead is counted on Panel.

1. All Citibank ids to be removed from final email shots, all ids including *, *citi*.com, *citigroup*.com to be removed
CITI Bank RO – Cities – Delhi - NCR, Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad & Baroda
Self-employed leads will be treated as invalid lead
Any dispute in lead nos. has to be reported & resolved for in the billing done for the month. No requests for change in lead nos. will be entertained in the following months.
The email ID from which the emailers are sent should be restricted to [email protected] or any other similar IDs which will not prompt the customer to reply to the promotional email.

The following disclaimer should be on top of the mailer.

Disclaimer: You have received this mailer from XXX(Publisher Name) on behalf of Citibank because you indicated that you would like to receive promotional e-mailers from XXX. Hence even if you have unsubscribed from Citibank communication, you may still receive offers from XXX. If you do not wish to receive such mailers from XXX, please click here 
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