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On order of Rs.1500 and above

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On order of Rs.1499 and below

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Important Information for Cellecor Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Online

Validation Criteria - Delivered Sales

Final Attribution - GA

Geo Targeting - Pan India
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About Cellecor Campaign
It is the tale of a person who, since they were little, has wanted to start their own business. As the first member of his family, our esteemed founder, Mr. Ravi Agarwal, started his business in 2020 with a passion for money. It has had a lengthy 13-year consumer electronics career under the name Unity Communications. Over the years, our inventor has accomplished several milestones, growing his little downtown Delhi firm into the most consumer-friendly brand possible.&nbsp;<a href="https://cellecor.com/" target="" rel="">Cellecor</a>&nbsp;was created by our tech-loving futuristic entrepreneur with the goal of elevating and redefining how we interact with consumer electronics gadgets. As a business, we comprehend the need of the customer for ideal items that not only last but also go with every attitude, look, and vibe. Our engineers and designers collaborate flawlessly to produce products with unbelievable usefulness, unmatched comfort, and amazing sound quality. In addition to smart TVs, speakers, neckbands, TWS, soundbars, smart watches, and other items, we also provide a broad variety of audio and wearable devices.
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