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Important Information for Blinds - US Program
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Partner agrees not to register or use any URLs and/or domain nameswhich are considered by Merchant to be infringing the Merchant's nameor trademarks, including but not limited to the trademarkPartner agrees not to use, purchase or otherwisecontract with a third party to exploit any of the Merchant�s marks orregistered domain names, or any marks or domain names which may, inMerchant�s reasonable discretion, be confused with Merchant�s marks orregistered domain names, including but not limited to misspellings and unique / missing punctuation ofMerchant�s marks or registered domain names, whether in metatags orotherwise. Partner may bid on general industry terms and phrasesas relates to paid search, but MUST NOT OUTBID Merchant and must identify their links clearly as affiliate. Partner may NOT bid on terms that include trademarks or those of competitors to The term "" MUST be used as a NEGATIVE keyword in all paid search campaigns.  Partner may NOT bid on keyword string / Trademark plus terms.Affiliate is restricted from using merchant URL( or any page in the merchant's site as a landingpage for paid search. Breach of this Section 4.4 may lead to immediatetermination of Partner as an affiliate under this Agreement and willterminate any Engagements between Merchant and Partner immediately.
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