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Important Information for Amity University CPL Program
Tracking Details:
Amity University CPL Campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Target Age Group 22-45 Yrs
Geography Pan India
Qualification Graduates & Interested in the PG Online programs.

PFB the billable dispositions:

Call Back - Valid
Not Interested after presentation - Valid
Language Barrier - Invalid
Busy/ Ringing - Invalid
Wrong No - Invalid
DND - Invalid
Switched off/No response after 9 attempts - Invalid
Details filled by someone else - Invalid
Customer says he was testing - Invalid
not eligible- overage - Invalid
not eligible- underage - Invalid
never shown interest - Invalid
already taken the policy - Invalid
already has enough insurance - Invalid
Do Not Call - Invalid
not interested without presentation - Valid
test lead - Invalid
Call Disconnected after 9 attempts - Invalid
customer not available after 9 attempts - Invalid
not eligible- medical reasons - Valid

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