Content Monetization tool

FAQ's for Publishers

Great, So I am ready to use Cuelinks, but what should I do next?

We are happy that you have decide to use Cuelinks, the next step is very simple. Cuelinks Signup.

Once you have signed up, we will verify your details and if found eligible to use content monetization, we will approve your account and you will be ready to monetize your content.

I have already signed up, but cant figure out how to use Cuelinks.

All you have to do is sign in your account; You will find a Installation Tab which contains the Javascript code for your website. Which looks something like this :

Copy the JavaScript, and paste the code in the footer just before the </BODY> as shown.

That's it! You are good to go! All the plain simple links in your website will be monetized from now on.

I don't want to install JavaScript, Is there any other way to use Cuelinks?

Yes we also have an API available for publishers, who want to integrate Cuelinks more closely with their App. You can change your website redirection script to redirect links via our server and monetization will be completely taken care of. Integrating with our HTTP API is very simple. You pass your publisher id and destination url you want to send your visitor to and monetization and tracking will be taken care by us.

I see so many merchants; do I have to apply for each one?

NO, by default you are approved for all the merchants, but if the merchant does not want to work with any publisher, then that publisher would be disapproved for that program.

I don't want to work with few merchants via CueLinks; can I choose to do that?

Yes you can, send an email to your account manager and they will do the needful.

What is the revenue CueLinks share with us?

We are very transparent and open in the way we work, You Join Cuelinks as a Silver Publisher and you receive 65% of the Revenue we receive, once you reach a threshold limit of Rs. 5,000 Commission per month you are upgraded to Gold Publisher and your percentage share increases to 70%. Once you reach a Target of Rs. 50,000 commission per month, you are upgraded to Platinum Publisher and your percentage share increases to 75%. You can always see your payouts under Merchants tab in your dashboard panel.

What is your payment cycle?

Our payment Cycle is NET60.

How do you make payment?

We have the following options available for payment:

  1. Cheque
  2. Direct Transfer

Where do I enter my payment Information?

Once your reach a threshold of Rs. 500 and are payable in a given payment cycle, your account manager will contact you for all the required details.